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Enrolling in private classes has numerous advantages for your development and skills. Whether you enroll in string instruments like Tar or Setar or percussion instruments like Daf or Tomback, it helps you discover your true passion and dive into music theory. 

Private music lessons are self-expression, goal-oriented, independence, and self-discipline that help you express yourself with more confidence and creativity. 

Here are some of the benefits of pursuing your passion through private lessons!

Customized Instructor

Everyone has a unique way of learning. While some quickly learn only by watching a hands-on demo from their teacher, others may first need some time to read written instructions or learn the melody and rhythm.

Unfortunately, not every student is capable of learning in a group setting. To maximize learning effectiveness, a private instructor can quickly adjust to their student’s learning style and pace. Instead of teaching from a generic curriculum, music teachers can tailor a program to their student’s specific needs.

Additionally, private music classes can be great for those musically-inclined students with learning and physical disabilities. 

Padideh Ahrarnejad
Padideh Ahrarnejad

Adaptable timetables

The one-on-one attention that you will receive during individual classes means more time spent on music, teaching, and learning.

The whole attention of a music teacher is on the student, so he/she can pinpoint the student’s weakest points and devote extra time to honing them. Private instruction also gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace without being subjected to undue pressure.

To completely comprehend a particular material, students are free to review it repeatedly and ask their instructor questions. They get to enjoy studying while progressing at their own rate.

Last but not least, private music lessons cause less distraction and pressure for both teachers and students, allowing them to enjoy the experience and excel in their respective fields.

Using a Goal-Oriented Method to Hone Your Instrumental Skills

A private music lesson is right for those who believe that one-on-one instruction works better for them. Through private instruction, students can hone the specific abilities required to improve their ability to harmonize themselves better with a band or orchestra.

Additionally, you can pick up the many styles, methods, and even values needed to improve as a musician. This comprises:

  • Maintain proper posture and instrument handling.
  • Learning both the fundamental and more sophisticated skills that are typically not covered in group classes.
  • Working on a challenging piece of music
  • Perfecting your solo recital or audition piece.
  • Working on various pieces allows you to practice the particular technique you’ve learned. 
  • Go for a specific musical preference or interest.
Ali Massoudi
Private Music Class

Instantaneous and Customized Feedback

When learning, feedback is essential. It enables students to rapidly break harmful habits and hone their abilities. More significantly, it fixes a mistake before it even has a chance to develop into a habit.

Private music classes give you the chance to get immediate feedback from a qualified teacher. You can invest as much time as necessary in creating the necessary muscle memory to achieve the ideal talent you seek.

A personal trainer can also watch you and give you a simpler method for quitting a certain bad behavior that you have been performing unintentionally.

More Motivated, Less Frustrated

Not all students can learn well in a demanding setting, particularly when surrounded by peers who exhibit remarkable musical talent. 

However, in a group class or community orchestra, inherently talented students may get bored or, even worse, not be able to reach their full potential.

Private music lessons seek to motivate and inspire students by providing skill-specific training. Additionally, it motivates them to intensify their musical enthusiasm by decreasing their learning frustration. 

It can be a great decision to consider a private music class with a professional instructor. If you have any questions about these classes, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will respond to all your questions and concerns in the shortest possible time.



How do private music lessons differ from group lessons?

Private music lessons provide personalized, one-on-one instruction tailored to the individual student's needs and goals. This focused attention allows for a customized learning experience, addressing specific strengths and areas for improvement.

Can I choose the instrument and genre for my private music lessons?

Absolutely! We offer private lessons for a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, violin, and more. You can choose the instrument you're passionate about, and our skilled instructors are equipped to teach various genres, ensuring a personalized musical journey.

What is the duration and frequency of private music lessons?

The duration and frequency of private music lessons can be customized to fit your schedule and learning preferences.