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Group classes consist of ensemble classes and learning a musical instrument in a group.

Ensemble classes

Ensemble classes are great for those who have experience playing a musical instrument but have trouble coordinating themselves with the rhythm of other players. These classes are fun and the best opportunity for these students to learn about their exact problems.

Group Music Lessons

Learning Persian instruments in a group​

Learning an instrument one-on-one isn’t a good option for everyone. There are some significant benefits to learning an instrument in a group setting. Making new friends and saving money are the most significant advantages of group classes.

So, if you like to see real faces who devote themselves to a piece of music, are fond of being a part of a team, or fancy the optimistic feeling you receive, group classes are the right choice for you.

The benefits of group classes

Like-minded individuals are sitting next to you.

Learning a new skill and putting yourself into an activity you have never done before is always scary for everyone. But when you have people on your side with the exact same condition as you, it gives you a heartwarming feeling, especially when you see they are willing to help you get better and will be happy with your success.

Meeting new ones

You're going to meet new ones that come with countless possibilities. Many of our students have made life-long friendships, partners, business connections, etc.

Boost your creativity.

In a group class, you have the opportunity to learn together and learn from each other.

The person next to you may have a special trick they can share with you, check your body posture, or teach you a new way to play that part you're not happy with.

Developing teamwork skills

Learning in a group, as opposed to one-on-one lessons, fosters a sense of team spirit and camaraderie. When you're all working on the same repertoire, you can use our practice rooms to deepen your understanding of the material faster and to a greater extent than if you were practicing alone

Be accountable

We are all aware that going to the gym is the hardest aspect of exercising. Booking ahead is usually necessary for group workout classes. You'll probably be charged a significant amount for your cancellation if you decide to do at the last minute. This will probably motivate you to maintain your workout schedule.

Add variation to your practice.

Repeating the same actions might become monotonous. It's uninteresting, and it can even get in the way of your success. One of the greatest ways to avoid hitting a plateau is to mix things up in your workout, and group exercise classes are a simple way to do so. Despite of different methods, if you find a class you enjoy, returning to it repeatedly won't get boring.

Saving money

Because of the use of the instructor's time, taking lessons in a group is much less expensive than taking lessons individually.

There are also beginning group classes, which allow you to try out the instrument without committing to individual instruction.

Students learn more in ensemble classes.

Both private and group students are expected to learn specific skills in the early stages; these qualities are critical to any musician's success in the long run. All musicians strive for excellence in note reading, technique, rhythm, and the ability to interpret music stylistically.

Attending ensemble classes is a great opportunity for those students who are willing to learn more. They must learn when to take the lead and when to offer assistance if they want the ensemble to succeed. Most importantly, ensemble students learn to successfully listen not only to themselves but also to their classmates. Students strive for the success of their entire class, realizing that their own accomplishments are largely dependent on the rest of the class.

Healthy competition also serves as a motivator in each group. Therefore, students arrive at class more prepared and eager to participate in games with their classmates.
Ensemble students continue their musical studies for a long time because of their connections and camaraderie with other music students.
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