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Padideh Ahrarnejad is a highly skilled tar player, who has mastered the art of playing this traditional Persian instrument. She has established herself as a specialist in the performance of Persian music, and has earned recognition for her talent and dedication. She has been a student of the renowned Iranian musician, Mr. Hossein Alizadeh, and has further honed her skills under his tutelage. Padideh currently resides in Toronto, Canada, where she continues to share her love for Persian music with audiences through her performances.

Her expertise in this field has made her one of the co-founders of Navasaz Academy, a premier institution dedicated to the study and advancement of Persian music. Ahrarnejad is not only an exceptional tar player, but also a skilled arranger, composer, and teacher, making her a well-rounded musician who constantly strives to promote the rich culture of Persian music.

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