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Let's get to know Ooldouz Pouri

Ooldouz Pouri, a gifted vocalist, was born in Tabriz in 1980, where her profound love for music emerged during her early years. Her musical inclination was nurtured by her father, instilling in her a deep appreciation for world music. In 2015, she delved into the rich tapestry of Persian traditional music under the mentorship of Mahsa Vahdat, marking the beginning of her dedicated exploration of Persian singing. Her musical journey took a significant turn with the release of her debut solo album in collaboration with the KKV label in Norway. Ooldouz has graced stages around the globe, sharing performances with esteemed artists. Notably, she has immersed herself in Iranian folklore music, encompassing both Persian and Azeri traditions. In addition to her commitment to traditional genres, Ooldouz has ventured into the realm of experimental jazz, showcasing her versatility and eagerness to embrace innovative musical expressions.

Her expertise in this field has made her one of the co-founders of Navasaz Academy, a premier institution dedicated to the study and advancement of Persian music. Ahrarnejad is not only an exceptional tar player, but also a skilled arranger, composer, and teacher, making her a well-rounded musician who constantly strives to promote the rich culture of Persian music.

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