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Bamdad Maleki is an accomplished Iranian percussionist with a rich and diverse musical background. He honed his skills in Tombak under the tutelage of Mahmoud Farahmand Bafi and mastered the art of playing Oud with guidance from Mohammad Firouzi. Maleki expanded his repertoire by acquiring various techniques from renowned musicians such as Pazhham Akhavass, Pajman Haddadi, and Pedram Khavarzamini. Complementing his instrumental proficiency, he delved into the theoretical aspects of music under the mentorship of Kamran Omid.

Over the span of more than 16 years, Maleki has been an integral part of several musical groups, including Sanam, Barbad, Mehrabani, Eal, Mahan, Mahtabroo, Tamooz Trio, Triolet, Ira, and Tehran Ensemble. He has graced numerous concerts and collaborations with artists like Mohsen Karamati, Pouria Akhavass, Hossein Alishapour, Vahid Taj, Alireza Vakilimanesh, and Amir Mardaneh, both in Iran and internationally.

Bamdad Maleki's musical journey has taken him to various countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, England, and many more. His performances have been featured in prominent venues such as UNESCO Hall in Paris, Miller's Studio in Zurich, Wolubilis Hall in Brussels, and Cadogan Hall in London, among others. Noteworthy appearances include participation in music festivals like the 20th Murat Music Festival in France (2005), Buskers Bern Music Festival in Switzerland (2009 and 2011), and the Musiqat World Music Festival in Tunisia (2016).

Maleki has contributed to several albums, showcasing his versatility in different musical genres. Notable works include "NOW" (a duet for Piano and Tombak), "A NIGHT WITH KAYYAM" (featuring music by Jalal Amirpoursaid and Behrang Baghaee), "THE NIGHT OF MIRRORS OF THE LIGHT" (with music by Hessam Inanlu and Amirabbas Setayeshgar), and "IRANIAN WOMAN." His extensive discography also includes single tracks like "Chashm e Mast," "Ey Del haminja Lang Sho," "Badeye Shabgir Sarkhoshan e Mast Waltz," and "Hamishe Dar Miyan" with the Triolet Group, showcasing his dynamic and expressive percussion skills.

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